Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Well I have found 2 groups similar to SOTA that I believe the SOTA Team and the rest of the KTARC will want to participate in.
POTA, Parks on the Air is similar to SOTA except that it is designed for National and State Parks. CPOTA is similar except it is for County and City Parks. There is a list of approved National and State Parks and I assume CPOTA is the same for City and County Parks.
This is great because most all of these parks are accessible by everyone.
I look forward to many POTA and CPOTA activations. It will be even more fun with more people and running QRP or any output wattage. There is no power restriction at this time other than legal power limits and what you are willing to lug around.

I will keep all updated as we move in this direction.

Had great fun working the Tugaloo bike ride this past weekend!

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