Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SOTA Team News

We are not going to the mountains this weekend. We have decided to be chasers. Sometime soon we will just have a mountain top exploration to determine what mountains we want to activate next.

Our Team has decided and invited the KTARC to participate in 1 day field days through out the year. We will pick some Saturdays throughout the year to conduct these operations. We will also pick parks that are accessible by all participants. It will  be fun.

The guidelines for these 1 day field days are as follows:

  •  Hours:  9:00 am to 3PM. You can come earlier or stay later or do both.
  • You must bring all your own equipment.
  • Operate QRP on battery power
  • Bring your own snacks and food
  • You can work all bands, all modes for which you are licensed
  • Make as many contacts as you are able
  • Learn from others about equipment, techniques, etc.
  • Learn how to be prepared for future emergency operations
I look forward to these ops.

We will continue to pursue activating SC mountains as SOTA operations.

Keep your signal strong and clear!

1 comment:

  1. Good job! I see no need to add or subtract anything. Thanks for the heads up on your blog. I forgot the address, but Googled your call sign and the word "blog" and it came right up. Be sure and check out the pictures from Sassafras on my blog.
    Oh! I went to the Clemson City Hall today and saw the photos. It was fun.